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Information in English

A sample at one of our routine drinking water sampling sites in Björklinge has indicated high concentrations of PAH. As a precautionary measure Uppsala Vatten recommends not to use drinking water from the public drinking water system for drinking or food preparation in Björklinge, Läby, and Skuttunge.

The recommendation applies until we notify you that it is safe to drink the water again. The recommendation will apply over the Easter holidays.

PAH is a pollutant that cannot be boiled away and therefore we have water tanks for fetching drinking water. You can see where here. (öppnas i ett nytt fönster)

This is what to do when your local authority advises against drinking the water:

  • Do not drink the tap water or use if for brushing your teeth.
  • Do not use the water to prepare food.
  • You can do the dishes, shower and flush the toilet as usual.

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The health risk is judged to be low in individuals who have briefly ingested PAHs in drinking water. Applicable limit values are set based on long-term consumption.

The risk that you have ingested something inappropriate via the water is low. We have been in contact with the Sweden’s National Food Administration and they have made the assessment that the levels we have measured are not dangerous to health. The recommendations we are now issuing are a precautionary measure. At the last regular sampling on 26 October 2020, there were no occurrences of PAH, which precludes a long-term occurrence.

Please note, we have acquired information that impostors may attempt to gain access to your home under the guise of representing Uppsala Vatten and being there to take water samples. See the FAQ for more info.