Till sidans huvudinnehåll

What goes down the toilet and why?

Don’t clog your drains – do you know your “toilet etiquette”? This applies to all your drains – which includes kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere.

Waste water is all water that goes down you drain in the shower, sink in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as the toilet. It all ends up in the same drainpipes, leading to the waste water treatment plant. Waste water comes with a lot of problems, as the trash, fats, oil, hair and other things clog the pipes and negatively effects the water. 

Doing things right is easy! Down the drain we say: 

YES! – to water, pee, poo, toilet paper, sick, spit, blood and other things from inside your body. 

NO! – to anything else! No wipes, no cotton buds, no medicines, no chemicals, no hair, no fats or oils!  



What to do with:

Oils and fats?

Recycle it! Put it in a plastic container and leave in the ÅVC. Thanks!

Old medicines? 

At the pharmacy (in swedish: “apotek”) you can hand in your old medicine for free, just put it in a bag and talk to the staff. This makes a major difference!

My cotton buds, pads, tampons, hair or wet wipes?

Directly into the household waste, please. Easy peasy!