Drink the tap water!

In Uppsala you can drink the tap water. We test the quality frequently. Please note that the hot water is the responsibility of the landlord and is not considered as safe to drink.

From ground water to drinking water


In Uppsala, we live on top of our very own drinking water resource. Underneath our feet we find a thick layer of clay protecting the sand-filled ridge which holds a large aquafer of groundwater. 

As ground water is made by rain and melted snow passing through the ground, it is also filled with a lot of natural healthy minerals - where calcium carbonite is just one. The water also gets naturally cleaned by passing through layers of sand and microorganisms, leaving it with such great quality that in many places you can drink the ground water without treatment.

At several points throughout the city we pump up ground water to our drinking water treatment plants. At the facilities the ground water get softened by removing part of the calcium carbonate. The softening of the water lessen the amount of shampoo, soaps, washing-up liquid and laundry detergent you need to use. 

The calcium carbonite is still enough in the water to leave white marks in your shower or kitchen, but it´s easily removed with citric acid or vinegar. You will not need any strong chemicals.

In the drinking water we also add a small amount of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the water enough for it to be of great quality when it gets to your home. 

We continuously check the water quality


The water is tested frequently in different places and stages of the supply system. In Sweden, the drinking water quality is more controlled than any other food or drink. 

How much does the water cost? 


Everyone in Sweden that are connected to a water line or sewage line cared for by someone else, like the municipality, pay for every litre of water. In Uppsala, the water is quite cheap with a cost around 4 öre per litre (0.04SEK per litre). 

Do you have your own well?


Some houses outside the city limits have their own water resource. They don’t pay anything to the municipality for using the water, but the quality and care is all up to the owner. 

If you live in a house that have its own well, it’s recommended to test the water regularly. Testing is also recommended if the water suddenly get a different colour, taste or smell. In Uppsala you can test your water at our Water laboratory: Call 018-7279450 (closed during lunch 12.00-12.30) to make an appointment. You will be given a time slot on Monday or Tuesday 08.00-14.30. You find us at Danmarksgatan 26C in Uppsala.

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