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Environmental labels to look for in the supermarket

Bying detergents, food, cleaning and hygiene products can be challenging. Taste, smell, function and prizing are factors that come into play. And of course, to what degree the item affects the environment.

Ecolabeling is a good help. They may not only look for what chemicals has been used in the process, but also, for example, CO2 emission, the wellfare of humans and animals during the chain of production, and how the product affects the user and the environment.

Not all environmental friendly products has labels. To add a label to a product can be costly, therefore you can find nice products without a label. But then you have to do the research yourself.

Not all green labels are ecolabels! A product may have a green flower och maybe a frog, not promising much. Always look for labels controlled by a impartial organisation or company.

The NGO Swedish Society of Environmental Conservation present a guide over impartial ecolabels. It's in swedish, so we recommend to use a translation tool.

https://www.naturskyddsforeningen.se/miljomarkningar (öppnas i ett nytt fönster)