Till sidans huvudinnehåll

Where can I find second hand stores in Uppsala?

Buying things second hand isn’t only cheap and smart, but also very environmentally friendly. Did you know that the production of one pair of jeans uses up 10.000 litres of water and a lot of pesticides?

In Sweden we are pretty good with recycling, but we still have a great environmental impact because of all our shopping and consumption. Buying second hand makes a major difference for the environment, as you are using what is already made. Imagine the amount of energy and resources that you can save! 

Here are some of the second hand stores in Uppsala:


Do you have something to give away? 

If you are not looking to buy, you can always give away or sell your old stuff. If you want to giveaway, smaller things can be brought to ÅVCs Återbruk or a second hand store directly (but always call the stores in advance). Larger things sometimes can be picked up by the stores, contact the store in advance to check.